To be yourself
Talking, thinking, feeling together
You may shine!

English coaching

I am a teen coach in Hilversum for teenagers who think and feel a lot and don't know how to deal with it.

Are you living in Hilversum or the Gooi and do you have concerns about your teenager? Are you worried about whether he or she will make it through puberty in a healthy way? Read more about what I can do for you!

For whom?

Are you someone who thinks a lot? And feels many things (somewhere deep inside)? Those are two very nice qualities that you have, but chances are that you don’t experience them that way at all.

tiener balen

Maybe you:

don’t feel happy
are having trouble with your schoolwork
feel insecure
feel like you don’t fit in at school
often argue with your parents or teachers
have the idea that others have something you lack
feel bad about things that happened
feel frustrated that you don’t know why you’re feeling this way
cannot meet the expectations from others and/or yourself.


Do you feel like your son/daughter:

is not as happy as he/she used to be
is not using his or her full potential
is insecure about him/herself
can’t talk easily about what’s really going on
has trouble trusting adults or peers
has trouble regulating his or her emotions

Weerbaar communiceren angstig

If you recognize (any of) the things above you’re at the right place here!

coaching teens self confidence

In my practice you’ll find a place where:

 there is room to be yourself and to get to know ánd appreciate yourself more
 thoughts and feelings can be explored and dealt with
 new things can be learned to overcome struggles


What I can do for your teenager

As a parent, you want your child to do well and that he or she knows how to survive in today’s society. But unfortunately that doesn’t always happen automatically. If you have a teenager who thinks and feels a lot, it’s not always easy. Because they can have problems with themselves, with you as a parent, with classmates or with teachers. And that while puberty is already a difficult phase anyway and can be even more difficult when not living in their home country. You want them to come out strong, mature and (more) like themselves and sometimes it seems that something is holding them back.

I would like to work with your teenager to find out together what he or she needs to function well. With my down-to-earth approach and humor I help the teenager to feel at ease so confrontational things can also become beautiful learning moments. There is room to express feelings and thoughts so that they can be explored and the teenager will grow. The teenagers begin to discover things about themself that they were previously unaware of and they learn to deal with it in a healthy way.

tiener zelfvertrouwen

How I work

teen coach Tamar

We work on the specific needs of your teenager through conversation and active methods. The working methods that I use include: Playmobil figures, quality cards, emotion cards, drawing, rope, mats. I adjust my working method to suit the teenager and his or her request for help and his or her own process. As a result, all sessions are different.

What I liked about the coaching was that we used so much different methods. Sometimes we were talking all the time and another session we were playing out things physically. Because of the coaching I have become much more confident, I have more confidence in my own abilities and now I can handle new situations and new people a lot better!


16 years old

Who am I?

I am Tamar Poot, I’m living in Hilversum with my husband and two daughters.
I’ve studied orthopedagogical sciences and worked as a remedial educationalist/child psychologist for several years. I have been involved in the diagnosis and treatment of children, teenagers and their parents. Both at the practice and at the families’ homes, and both individually and in a group.

In addition, I have been doing volunteer work with children and youth since I am no longer a teenager myself. I have done various things in the Netherlands and abroad, including; tour guide for a working holiday for teenagers, caregiver and counselor in a children’s home, youth leader in the church and coach at an anonymous chat and mail service.

I found great satisfaction in the coaching tasks I had, even more than the diagnostic and treatment tasks as a remedial educationalist/child psychologist. That is why I did a training to become a coach for children and teenagers. I’ve gained new insights and learned more practical techniques to help the teenagers I love to work with even more.

With Tamar Coaching I bundle my knowledge and experience to support teenagers and their parents in the things they encounter.

Feel welcome!


If you contact me, we will schedule a free introductory meeting (with the teenager and parent(s)) to discuss the request for help and to discover whether I can help you.

We will then also discuss which of the packages (see below) is most suitable for your situation and request for help.

If we experience a match from both sides, we schedule an intake interview and the first sessions immediately or later via e-mail.

The appointments take place weekly or biweekly on Monday afternoon or Thursday morning.


The appointments take place in my practice room at Buisweg 7A in Hilversum.

Packages and rates

During the introductory meeting, we will discuss which package is most suitable for your situation and request for help.
The sessions last one hour.

Pakket 1

2 months

Suitable for a single request for help.

Pakket 2

4 months

Work on 2 to 3 single goals.​

Pakket 3

6 months

Work on 3 to 4 multiple goals
Get even more out of the coaching in an accessible way. Suitable for between sessions or after completed the sessions.

* If you pay in one go instead of per month, you will receive a 2.5% discount on the total price.